Our true purpose in this life and in heaven is to worship the Lord God in truth and in spirit.

The Word of God, the message from God to people, is the bread of life, only comfort in distress, powerful weapon against enemies, strong safeguard of our lives, purger of all impurities, and guiding light. We desire you understand this pure, alive, and active Word by reading the Bible daily. We encourage you to read different bible versions, discover the bible in pictures, listen to audio bibles, delve into bible facts and statistics, refer bible maps and timelines, and do much more.

We sincerely hope you comprehend the deep and fascinating secrets of the bible by listening to powerful sermons given by God’s anointed saints.

We are a worshipping community, and praising God is an important part of our lives. We have a wide collection of songs, hymns, spiritual songs, guitar chords, and lyrics that will help you to worship God for His eternal attributes and everlasting promises.

We also have an eclectic array of animated stories, games and activities, eBooks, and a refreshing Sunday School, which will educate and illuminate children. We are optimistic that the little ones, as well as the teens, will explore and discover the treasures of the Bible.

Come on now and glorify the Lord.